Import and Export of Granites



White granite, with black and gray dots, can be used outdoors and indoors. Make your kitchen a charm!



The subtle variation of shades of green mimics the gentle steps of a dance. A touch of beauty and harmony!


Caatinga Bianco

The texture resembles the dry season typical of the Outback, in Bahia. The white background divides space with shades of yellow, gray and black.



Green as the sea of Bahia, this stone inspires peace and enchantment.


Translucent Glamour

This granite offers refinement, elegance and sophistication. Light up your home, brighten up your life!


Absolut Black

Absolute Black granite is a solid black granite that has a very consistent color and texture. Absolute Black is recommended for both interior and exterior use to create beautiful granite countertops, floors, architectural features, and outdoor cladding.


White and Grey Quartzite

It's a stunning white quartzite with areas of grey highlights and occasional dark veining. Many designers and home builders use Classic White Quartzite as a more durable alternative to the classic marble look.


Milk Quartz

Milky Quartz is generally White Quartz (also known as White Wisdom Quartz at Majestic Quartz). The milkiness is created by many, many bubbles of un-solidified Quartz inside the crystal. 

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